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Orange and Ginger Jam

Here is the recipe from  chef  Andrea at Villa Romanazzi in Bari



100 grams oranges

100 grams sugar

i/2 tsp ground ginger ( or to taste)


Wash the oranges and cut into chunks without removing the skin,

Add the same amount of sugar ( either brown or white – though the chef used white)

Add a large pinch of ginger ( in fact if you love ginger – add some stem ginger here!)

Blend everything until the mixture is spreadable.

I will add a picture soon!!!


The chef served this in ‘tot’ sized glasses alongside cheese. You will agree it has many more possibilities!





Italian hotel breakfast – takes the cake!

WP_20140505_05_52_55_ProWP_20140505_05_53_06_ProWP_20140505_05_53_29_ProWP_20140505_05_52_43_ProWP_20140505_05_52_03_ProWP_20140505_05_52_16_ProHotel  Villa Romanazzi Carducci (Bari, Italy) offers breakfast fit for kings ( or at least guests not about to head for the local station on their way to work). Entry to the breakfast room was like stepping intrepidly into a banquet you didn’t know you had been invited to. I could see even seasoned businessmen wandering round as in a daze – staring at the offerings on display and wondering what their wives would think as they tucked into doughnuts, croissants, cake slices and ham and cheese just for good measure! Of course there were the obligatory yogurts, fruit, nuts, cereals, juices, jams and other things ‘healthy’. I haven’t even mentioned the fine chef Andrea, already  at the end of the banqueting room, stationed behind his cooking station, prepared to make pancakes, waffles, bacon, sausages or eggs in any form you desired. His greatest speciality in my opinion is his ORANGE AND GINGER JAM  which is served alongside cheese. Click on the link for the recipe which Andrea kindly gave me –  I love all things ginger, I can think of many ways to use this in the future – with cheese,  chicken, pork, duck  or even  a bacon sandwich! It satisfies my Northern need to have some kind of chutney alongside my cheese and my love of all things ginger. You don’t need to put this in sterilised jars or anything complicated – just make a small batch and stick it in the fridge while you compile a list of lovely things to serve it with.